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SWAY: A Dance Trilogy Review

December 18, 2014 // 20 Comments

SWAY: A Dance Trilogy, is brilliant, seamlessly fusing the artistry and athleticism of dance movement within the diverse and uniquely American cultural and societal historical context, with secondary stories woven throughout the production. The audience was entranced by superb performances, quality production values, and dazzling, unspoken narrative choreographed by David Thomas Moore and Joao Tiago Fernandes. SWAY: A Dance Trilogy, rewards the audience from beginning to end, with ‘must see’ theater worthy of a residency or touring production. [...]

SWAY: A Dance Trilogy, 07-26-2014, v. 1.0 Review

August 1, 2014 // 9 Comments

The premise of the performance was interesting and creative. Three acts, three different views into dance: the Golden Age of Ballroom, Urban Influences via the creative melting pot of Brooklyn, and the passionate, emotional Latin influences which speak a whole language of movement and music of their own. These vignettes spoke to the audience through movement, music, impeccable costuming, and high quality production values of lighting, audio/visual themes, and special effects. To me, it really underscored the reality that dance isn't static in terms of feeling, even if the forms are recognizable regardless of the era and environment. Thus, the viewer was able to see a Jive through the lens of the Golden Age and Urban settings... still the Jive, but oh, what a different 'flavor'! [...]