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Rumer Willis is IN: INteresting, INtelligent, INsightful… and IN #DWTS Finale!

Great partnerships are gems to be treasured. Val Chmerkovskiy is an extraordinarily generous Pro partner who has facilitated and showcased Rumer’s remarkable growth from innate, natural ability to stunning dancer. Dancing is just one of Rumer’s strengths. This young woman of character motivates me to further support her quest for the (tackier than usual) golden Mirror Ball Trophy on Dancing With the Stars. This piece shares why, with details on how you can help make the dream a reality. Updated with latest news of their upcoming freestyle and finale performances. Enjoy and thank you for reading!

#TeamValenRue needs your support FTW!

Beyond a vague awareness of Rumer Willis being one of three creatively named daughters of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, I knew nothing about her, prior to her appearance as Val Chmerkovskiy’s celebrity partner on the current Season 20 of Dancing With the Stars. Notoriously, dreadfully ill-informed regarding celebrity news I now know she’s an actress, with appearances in films and on stage, most recently in For The Record’s, FTR: Dear John Hughes, a singer, and celebrity turned dancer on #DWTS.

While my interest in this lovely woman is quite a departure from the norm, what I learned made my respect for this lovely woman grow even more. She has the perfect partner in Val. He’s caring, dedicated, and puts her first. Always.

TheRueAerialSplitsInitial Impressions:

Rumer’s supple dip by Val on the DWTS cast reveal almost three months ago, and an  Instagram photo she posted, made it evident the multi-talented Val had a partner with excellent potential. However, her impressive flexibility, willowy frame, and natural grace, while admirable, aren’t what compelled me to write this post.

Early in the Season, it was clear Rumer has a laudable work ethic, worthy of respect. No short-cuts, no pandering sought. She seeks honest critique and is very willing to put in the repetition and effort to improve to the best of her ability within the time constraints on the show. Yes, she wants to win, but to do so by increasing her knowledge and ability to a level to realize a win AND retain her new skills.

ValenRueWk1DipInitial Performance:

The attributes noted above were highly important factors in the quality of Rumer and Val’s Week 1 Foxtrot to Hozier’s Take Me to Church. An emotionally and visually stunning performance, it propelled the pair, dubbed #TeamValenRue, to the top of the leaderboard, earning DWTS’ “tough” Judge Len Goodman’s praise as “the dance of the night.”

Thus, my admiration and respect for Rumer were cemented early on and continue to grow, but still didn’t prompt me to write.

Motivating Factors:

What, then, DID prompt me to write this blog post? Rumer’s intelligence, honesty, depth, insightful comments, passion, and humor visible in their DWTS All-Access rehearsals and several recent interviews. The most impressive of which was her appearance on Larry King Now which aired on March 16. The interview revealed Rumer’s admirable attributes to a fuller extent than is otherwise visible in a sound bite world filled with ‘journalists,’ many of whom don’t ask good questions or permit a full answer. Since the first addition of this blog post, dated March 22, 2015, my admiration has continued to grow, and I’ve revised and updated the older post with new information.

Rumer Willis’ interview on Larry King Now

Stand out Segments in a Great Interview:

  • A loving family. While it’s the luck of the draw, it certainly shapes a person.
  • As a self-described perfectionist, she identifies with and respects the drive for quality work of her DWTS partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, and “tough” music producer Linda Perry, viewing their drive as a positive attribute.
  • Rumer’s remarks referenced the issue of woman’s value being tied to perceptions of attractiveness and damage to a woman’s self-worth, if she doesn’t believe she measures up. She has supported projects which work to change perceptions and attitudes.
  • Rumer embraces developing ones own inner strength and staying “true to oneself” as vital to an individuals well-being and an important life lesson.

Final Thoughts on a Great Interview:

Rumer Willis is interesting, informed, gracious, driven, intelligent and VERY likable. She has a passion for life, learning, and growth. These admirable attributes are worthy of respect and are often lacking in some individuals lauded as “role models.” Rumer is an excellent role model and staunch advocate for people and things she cares about. Her continued growth, success, and increased visibility in the public eye, will offer opportunities to use her voice in a good way, for good things, about whatever she determines is worthy of her time and interest. Learning more about Rumer’s character motivated me to support her quest on Dancing With the Stars even more.

Rumer’s Continued Outstanding Performances on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars:

Rumer Willis and Valentin Chmerkovskiy Dance to Tsiokovskiy’s Swan Lake

During the Season 20 Semi-Finals, Rumer and Val performed a stunning Contemporary Fusion to Tsiolkovsky’s Swan Lake, a creative concept from the fertile mind of Dancing With the Stars Judge, Bruno Tonioli. No other pair this season could have executed the combination of challenging choreography, difficult lifts, and passionate, emotional delivery essential to the performance. Bruno’s concept was perfect for this pair. Every pair has their own, unique strengths. Few so successfully combine high quality dance and depth of performance as Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy.

Rumer graciously thanked Val for his nurturing guidance as she blossomed on the show:

Help Rumer Achieve Her Current Goal:

The Dancing With the Stars Finale airs, live, Monday, May 18, 2015 at 8PM EST on ABC. Lacking an athletic or comprehensive dance background, Rumer pushed herself in ways she never thought she could… and succeeded, delivering 10 weeks of superb performances. Ironically, in For the Record she was cast as the inexperienced, novice dancer Fran, from Strictly Ballroom. Rumer’s drive and willingness to put in the effort, combined with Val’s exemplary teaching skills and outstanding, increasingly difficult choreography, showcased Rumer and her remarkable ability to deliver nuanced, character-driven performances. Their work has earned them a place in the Finale, and in the hearts of millions who would love for them to take home the coveted, tackier than usual, GOLDEN Mirror Ball Trophy. That can only happen if they have sufficient VOTING public support. All of the finalists are strong in their own ways, and ultimately, the winner will be chosen by the voting public. Everyone remotely interested in #TeamValenRue winning is encouraged to vote every way possible for this pair, even if you never have before.

#TeamValenRue’s Viennese Waltz to The Weeknd’s #Earned It from 50 Shades of Grey

Beautiful drawing by @iamjavo

Beautiful drawing by @iamjavo

Please Help By VOTING ALL 3 WAYS Monday, May, 18, 2015:

YOUR VOTE matters! 50% of each score is based on public voting. Please VOTE for Rumer and partner, Val. #TeamValenRue. TYVM!

  • PHONE VOTE FIRST 1-855-234-5610: Call 4x from each device/phone you have access to! Phone voting ends 60 minutes after Monday night’s DWTS ends in your viewing market.
  • VOTE Online from ALL devices at BOTH Facebook & DWTS: Polls open immediately after the show ends in your market area and close 11AM EST on 5/19. Click the blue links to VOTE!
  • Multiple VOTERS within Household is OK: If using the same devices, clear previous history and cache, or use incognito/private window and log in.
  • Create an Account to VOTE Online: It’s EASY! Go to Val Chmerkovskiy supporter, Eastern Europimpin’s post and follow easy directions for either/both FB or DWTS registration! [LINK]
  • Full DWTS Voting Rules and Regulations at link


UPDATE 2: Val is also performing on the recording! It’s a different arrangement than the ‘Toxic’ Duel performed by Val and Mark Ballas a few years ago. Additionally, Val revealed their Free Style dance to this piece would be a ‘Contemporary Argentine Tango’

Follow Rumer and Val:

Rumer Willis: Twitter, Instagram Val Chmerkovskiy: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Val’s Website

Wait, the URL Says SWAYshow, Why the Post on Rumer?

SWAY: A Dance Trilogy is a brilliant theatrical dance production by Dance With Me USA. Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Tony Dovolani, and Valentin Chmerkovskiy are DWM partners. In fact, SWAY is returning to the stage in NYC in June. Read more here. I created this site as a place to host my SWAY: A Dance Trilogy reviews, I never thought I’d be posting anything but a couple reviews (where my word count wasn’t limited!) for the production, with news and reviews of subsequent runs. This site will now host posts related to dance, dancers, theater, etc. with some sort of connection to Dance With Me USA – via their partner on DWTS, in this case!

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