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Recap: Stars on Ice Performance, Featuring Meryl Davis and Charlie White

Guest recap of Olympic GM Meryl Davis’ performance in the Chicago 2015 Stars on Ice program. Davis will also perform in SWAY: A Dance Trilogy in NYC in June. Everyone loves this SOI program. Only 4 shows left in the tour. Get your tickets!

Photo by Twitter user @life_on_the_ice

A Few Friends In Their Own Words:

Every friend who has seen the 2015 Stars on Ice show RAVES about it. Here are some of their words:

  • Penny: “I wish that everyone… who’s a lover of figure skating could see this show. It’s just so enchanting.”
  • Marj: “Just a quickie: how amazing SOI! That, after seeing many, many [SOI shows]. [It’s a] Short run, so I hope people make the effort.”
  • Jules: “This is the third Stars on Ice show I’ve been to, and it’s my favorite so far.”
  • B: “…I just saw it in St. Paul and couldn’t agree more. All the skaters were so good but I could just watch Meryl and Charlie all day long. Meryl just shines like the star she is, more beautiful in person if that’s possible. She was enjoying performing so much, at times sassy, other times in her own little world. “Say Something” is a wonderful program.”

Guest Contribution – Chicago Stars on Ice Recap:

Photo by Twitter user @life_on_the_ice

Photo by Twitter user @life_on_the_ice

By: Pinky H. aka JstAMuggle

The show opened with Rhapsody in Blue and I really enjoyed the number because of it’s staging.  As the music built up, more and more skaters joined on the ice.  The first one who started it was Patrick Chan and the last ones were of course Meryl and Charlie.  I took only a few videos since I promised myself to just enjoy the show.  The tango number is fabulous and Meryl’s dancing [ed: experience on DWTS] comes through with her skating.  Even Charlie but it is more evident with Meryl.  She has more flourishes now and it’s so lovely to see.

Meryl and Charlie’s first number was Say Something.  I had seen it televised with their Progressive Skating and Gymnastics Special.  It’s a number that was choreographed by Charlie’s DWTS partner, Sharna Burgess. [ed: who appeared in the December 2014 SWAY production run, but sadly, has a scheduling conflict and thus, won’t appear in the June 2015 production.] I have to say, it’s a lot more emotional live.  I don’t know what else to say about it except that it is so moving.

Ice dance to Sam Smith’s “Say Something” (video), Choreography by Sharna Burgess:

Meryl has this trio with John Kerr and Ben Agosto with more balletic skating. It’s so short and meant to segue into Ekaterina Gordeeva’s skate but I love watching her in it because she is so lyrical. There’s a part where she spins then she unravels or unwraps herself and the movement starts from her trunk which then goes to her shoulders, then the arms, hands then extends to tips of her fingers.  The details……and the delicacy just makes it so beautiful.

From the "Stompa" number posted on Twitter by @FSlmert316 captioned: "@Meryl_Davis Beautiful Meryl in Chicago...your DWTS and SOI fans love you. Great billboard on I90!!"

From the “Stompa” number. Posted by @FSlmert316 captioned: “@Meryl_Davis Beautiful Meryl in Chicago…your DWTS and SOI fans love you. Great billboard on I90!!”

One of my favorite group numbers is Stompa which is the act 2 opener. It’s the number with the red chairs and the fedoras. Super sassy Meryl came out during this number.  It’s more jazzy/Fosse like number and Meryl was so jazzed up last night, it’s like that girl from the “Girlfriend” video came out last night.  So much fun to see!  If you don’t know what “Girlfriend” is, watch this and become a fan:

Charlie has this very cute trio with Tanith and Ryan.  The boys were dressed in argyle sweater vests and bow ties but Charlie has nerdy glasses to complete the look.  They both vie for Tanith’s attention but in the end Tanith runs to Charlie’s embrace.  It was cute and ended with a collective “aww” from the crowd.Evan got really loud cheers as he is a homeboy from Naperville. Loved his lines and spins.  He did a short version of his Swan Lake skate that he did for the Olympics.I also really liked Meryl and Charlie’s Sleeping Beauty for it’s grace and elegance.

The last number was Shut Up and Dance which again was choreographed with skaters gradually joining the ice as the music builds up.  Meryl and Charlie enters and does their split lift that I posted and can be seen here:

Sassy Meryl was back and stayed the whole time because even when they were just standing, she was doing that shoulder shimmy that she did on the IG vid that someone posted and can be seen here:
She didn’t do the worm when her and Charlie’s name were called for the final bows but just continued with the shimmy.  At the end though when they were exiting to the tunnel to get backstage, everyone was just skating by but Ms. Sassy did the moonwalk LOL! I love her!
It was a great night of skating with a great cast! Check out performances coming to you at
A Few Final Thoughts:
Many thanks to Pinky and other friends for their recap and comments, respectively, on Meryl’s performances in Stars on Ice. One last quote from another friend:
“This show and M&G are going to be my BD present and a dream come true.”
The overall consensus is the 2015 Stars On Ice program is the best ever and highly recommended. Check out the ticketing schedule and see a show!
Only four shows left: 28 March in Fort Meyers, FL; 4 April, Anaheim, CA, 5 April; San Jose, CA; and the final show of the tour is, 10 April, Seattle, WA.
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